At the heart of MMCP is Matt Miller and his never-ending commitment to perfection. After thirty years, he is still involved and passionate about every event. Matt reviews menus, timelines, rentals, and sometimes even guides a bridal party down the aisle. He ensures that every event is given the same attention. This dedication gives us the privilege of being present at the milestones throughout a family’s life. It is not out of the ordinary for the team to have planned a Bar Mitzvah with a family and then be there witnessing that same person’s wedding.

The events team works together to create original, exciting affairs. Whether it is a corporate launch for 1,800 or a family celebration of 25, everyone from the prep chefs in the commissary to the on-site event staff works in unison to ensure perfection.


We would like to thank the following photographers for the photos used in this website;

  • 5th Avenue Digital Photography
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  • Terri Diamond Photography